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Tour de France - The Santa Fe Student Way

By Alice Rees

            One essential rule of international travel: if you have jet lag, make sure there’s someone around to wake you up. Throughout our 31-person tour group’s first day in France, this rule seemed to apply anywhere and everywhere. When two students succumbed to the plush seats of the Museé d’Orsay’s auditorium, however, one of our teacher chaperones decided to take a photograph with them instead of waking them up. Of course, being with others who haven’t slept either means that you can bemoan your exhaustion together. For all of us, that day was both reassuring and draining.

August/September Lunch Menu

August/September Lunch Menu


ATC once again did an amazing job on last spring's PARCC Exam.  Please note that detailed and com

2016/2017 ATC Welcome Letter

Please read the following attachment for information on important dates and times for the upcoming school year. We hope you had a good summer.  

Introduction to the Academy for Technology and the Classics

Take a few minutes and watch this short video about The Academy for Technology and the Classics.