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Music from America - Traditional Folk Music for Teens!

At ATC, we offer an original and progressive music class called "Acoustic Americana". In this class, students learn to play traditional American Folk Music including Old-Time Appalachian Stringband music, Bluegrass, Blues, traditional New Mexican, Cajun, and more. We also study the history behind these styles through readings, videos, and recordings. We sing in English, Spanish, and French with the help of our Foreign Language staff. Students play banjo, fiddle, guitar, mandolin, washboard, spoons, harmonica, and bass among other instruments, and we perform numerous times throughout the year both on campus and throughout Santa Fe. In 2012, we were invited to perform at the New Mexico Capitol Building as part of New Mexico Culture Day! See and hear some of our music. Since all students can not always afford there own instrument, we request funding for a new "Acoustic/Electric" Guitar (that's an Acoustic Guitar that you can also plug in). Not only will this guitar serve our Acoustic Americana program, but it will be put to use in other music classes at ATC and in other classes as well when the need arises.  We would like to buy a “Fender CD-60CE” (Sunburst) guitar from Sweetwater @ $269.99 .

Funds Requested: