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Getting Into the Outsiders

My regular 8th grade (not Honors) will read The Outsiders, by Sue Hilton. This is a book these students will connect with, and is one in which I will be able to effectively teach Literary Elements. We will analyze the characters, identify rhetorical devices and their effectiveness, study cause and effect. deconstruct the plot, and watch the movie. As a culminating activity, we will hold a mock trial for Johnny and Ponyboy, who stabbed and killed the Soc. We will assign the Prosecution, Defense, Judge, Jury, and Witnesses. Each student will be required to write a one page paper according to their role in the trial. Other activities that include multi-intelligences will be assigned throughout the reading of the book. This class much prefers that I read aloud; we discuss all of the aforementioned elements as we read. I have 12 books and need 18 more. Thank you so much for your consideration. 

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