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Anthe Kelley

Foreign Language Spanish Teacher Phone: (505) 438-4021
Mailbox: 205

I am so honored to join the ATC community in all its brilliance, and to welcome each and every one of you, students, into my class.  I would like you to experience the world of entering the Spanish language as rich, engaging, challenging, worthwhile, fun and inspiring.  On this great American continent where we live (and I am including North, Central and South America, here!) it is such a vital asset to learn, speak and write Spanish!  Not only will you become a better and more capable citizen, you will also become brighter, more confident, compassionate and cosmopolitan.  I want to expose you to as many media and forms of meeting with Spanish as I can in the classroom, and welcome your ideas, experience and inspiration, as well!  I welcome and will offer opportunities for regular feedback, and I hope you find the material I select engaging and motivating.  I am choosing the most varied sources of history, grammar, literature, and modern culture as I can include in our curriculum.  (And, again, I welcome your ideas at any time, so feel free to submit an email comment, a survey or reach out to me in person to schedule a time to discuss what you would like to see included.)  

As a life-long student of many languages, I hope I can inspire you with relevant linguistic and cultural connections that so many languages share with Spanish (including English!) and I remain a dedicated student, myself.  I find such profound meaning in deciphering the deeper cultural, linguistic, psychological and historical implications of language and aim for a rich exchange in our classes that includes all the capital you bring.

In solidarity and with joy of learning and exchanging,

Señora Anthe Kelley
MA, Eastern Classics, Ordained Minister, ERYT, Reiki Master/Teacher and Perennial Student
(former and continuing student of Spanish, Latin, Greek, French and Sanskrit)