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Project GUTS: Growing Up Thinking Scientifically

Learn about the spread of a virus by playing the Virus Game on handheld computers.Project GUTS is an after school program for middle school students (7th, and 8th graders) who are motivated and have an interest in science, computer technology, and media production. Weekly meetings after school focus on topics to be explored through hands-on activities, computer models, and experiments run on computers. Club members learn to create their own computer models and analyze the data that they generate. Students take field trips and share their project work at student roundtables.

As a club member you will learn to use computer models to explore real-world problems and analyze the problems with scientific tools. Later, you will have a chance to share your experiments and findings with fellow students and community members. Project GUTS also helps you prepare for exciting careers in science, technology, and engineering by developing your computer skills and giving you access to the latest technology. 

7th and 8th graders created a computer model to study pollution in their community.

Project GUTS is open to all 7th and 8th Grade students.  Students in Grades 9-12 who have previously been GUTS participants and would like to serve as mentors may also register and receive community service credit and support for NM Supercomputing Challenge projects as well.

 *Club members can also enter their projects into the NM Supercomputing Challenge by forming a team and writing a report on their findings from conducting scientific experiments using their computer model. Veteran ATC GUTS students can both serve as club mentors, earning community service time and get support for Challenge Projects.

Project GUTS is sponsored by the Santa Fe Institute and offered in partnership with the Santa Fe Public Schools.