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Ongoing Fundraising Programs

In addition to the PTSC's various fundraising events, the following ongoing programs have been established to help fund ATC student and faculty needs. If you have any questions or know of other referral-based programs that are appropriate for ATC, contact the PTSC.

Every little bit helps! Tell your family and friends about these programs!

Pick up an Albertson's Community Partners CartAlbertson's Community Partners Card

Albertson's donates 1% of purchases made at their stores back to ATC. To put this into perspective, ATC could earn $1250 per quarter if 100 ATC families spent $50 per week. Over a year, ATC could potentially earn $5,000 to support academic and extracurricular activities!

Here's how it works

  1. Pick up an ATC/Alberton's rewards card from the ATC front office,
  2. Put the card on your keychain, and
  3. Have the card scanned when checking out at any of Albertson's Santa Fe locations.

ASupport ATC when shopping on Amazon.commazon.com Associates Program

The next time you shop online at Amazon.com, use the Amazon search form shown on this page and elsewhere on www.atcschool.org. Up to 6% of select purchases comes back to ATC, whether you purchase the item you original searched for! ATC earned approximately $250 through purchases made during the first year we participated in this program.

Have a browser bookmark for Amazon? Replace it with the following to ensure your purchases support ATC!

Drag this to your bookmark bar Support ATC on Amazon

Clip and turn in BoxTops for ATCBoxTops for Education

Many of the grocery packages we purchase sport the BoxTops for Education logo. You can help ATC by simply clipping these BoxTop logo and turning them into the ATC front office. Check out the BoxTops web site for a full list of products. The BoxTops program also offers additional opportunities to support ATC when you shop online at popular retailers, including Land's End, Expedia, and Walmart (registration required).

DDonate to ATC programs through Dollars4Schoolsollars4Schools.org

Dollars 4 Schools is a non-profit started here in Santa Fe to connect educators with donors to support public education programs. You can securely donate to specific ATC programs and projects online or adopt ATC to spread your donation to all ATC programs.