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Final Exam Schedule

Final Exam Schedule, Spring 2019

Monday               May 20 End of Course Exams

8:55-9:20       2nd Period Study Period

9:25-11:05     1st Period Exams

11:10-11:35   4th Period Study Period

11:35-12:15   LUNCH

12:20-1:55     3rd Period Exams

2:00-2:25       6th Period Study Period

2:30-4:05       5th Period Exam

Tuesday               May 21 End of Course Exams

8:55-9:20       1st Period Study Period

9:25-11:05     2nd Period Exams

11:10-11:35   3rd Period Study Period

11:35-12:15   LUNCH

12:20-1:55     4th Period Exams

2:00-2:25       5th  Period Study Period

2:30-4:05       6th Period Exam

Note: Juniors and Seniors will also need to take the Reading III (11th) and Reading IV (12th) exam prior to these two days of finals:  Seniors will take their Reading IV EoC Friday, May 17th in both 1st and 2nd hour (Gardner and Mathis).  Juniors will take their Reading III EOC Thursday, May 16th with Mr. Morgan assisting with students who require more than the 60 minute period.