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Dual Credit Guidelines for ATC

Dual credit guidelines and procedures     


  • Student may take a total of four dual credit classes during high school at ATC and no more than one class a semester.         
  • Eligible dual credit classes include:

Elective classes

  • Classes that ATC offers and are either at capacity or not offered the year student has elected to take the course.
  • Core classes, which include English, math, social studies, and science are not options for dual credit, except the fourth required science credit.
  • Students are responsible for returning all books to ATC or for incurring the cost of the books if not returned.

All dual credit classes are subject to review and approval on a case by case basis.


Students may use credit from a community college to fulfill credit recovery if the class is aligned with the corresponding high school class. Students and families are responsible for all costs associated with course. Students are advised to consult with their school counselor to ensure alignment between high school courses and college courses.