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Physical Education (7th grade)

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This course will cover, at least, instruction and development of skills in human movement, physical fitness and other content at the grade 7 level as specified in the NM Physical Education Content Standards with Benchmarks and Performance Standards specifically, display a combination of skills in response to a variety of game situations in team sports and individual sports; spatial relationships with other players and the effect on outcomes of games; detect and correct personal errors; analyze a task to identify  sequence, and how they are applied to produce a desired outcome; ability to analyze a movement pattern; analyze and interpret personal fitness data; choose and record levels of participation in physical activities; outline the health risk factors associated with an inactive lifestyle; generate an appropriate physical fitness plan to maintain/improve personal fitness; exhibit appropriate conduct while engaging in physical activities; peer pressure and decision making; explain the role of games, sports, dance in various cultures; acknowledge all people - gender, culture, ethnicity, disability – and seek to learn more about similarities and differences; media influence on physical activity; demonstrate willingness to try an unfamiliar position; participation in lifetime physical activity. 

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