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College Preparatory

Senior Seminar Grade 12 Crew

This course offers a small peer group the opportunity to investigate areas of interest. Course objectives may include improvement of research and investigative skills, presentation skills, interpersonal skills, group process skills, and problem solving and critical thinking skills.

College Success 11th Grade Crew

This course is designed to provide students with tools, techniques, and resources to enhance academic performance and persistence. Concepts covered in this class will assists students in the transition to college and/or concurrent/dual credit enrolment. Time and stress management, college expectations and procedures, learning and teaching styles, study skills and career planning are a focus of the course.

Standardized Test Preparation 10th Grade Crew

Course helps prepare students for national standardized tests such as the PSAT, SAT, and ACT. These courses seek to develop and/or expand students' vocabulary, test taking, and reasoning skills through study, lecture, and practice drills. Course topics may include vocabulary review; root words, prefixes, and suffixes; mathematical concepts, logic, and rules; and general problem solving and test taking strategies.

Life Skills and Life-Management 9th Grade Crew

Course provides students with information in a wide range of subjects so they become better-informed consumers and more productive adults. Goal setting, decision-making, prioritizing; management of money, time, energy, stress, and resources; relationships; and the development of the self are a large part of the course. Courses may include coping strategies, and practical exercises regarding housing options, transportation options, nutrition and food preparation, clothing care, household management and how to maintain good health and wellness.

Leadership 8th Grade Crew

Course is designed to strengthen students' personal and group leadership skills, typically intended for students involved in extracurricular activities (especially as officers of organizations or student governing bodies). Leadership courses may cover topics such as public speaking, effective communication, human relations, parliamentary law and procedures, organization and management, and group dynamics.

School Orientation 7th Grade Crew

Course provides an introduction to the culture of the school so that students may understand staff expectations and the school's structure and conventions.

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