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Visual Arts

AP Studio Art 2-D Design

The purpose of this course is to assist students to develop a portfolio demonstrating a broad interpretation of two-dimensional issues.  This type of design involves purposeful decision-making about how to use the elements and principales of art in an integrative manner.  This course is intended to prepare students for the Advanced Placement exam and follows the College Board guidelines. 

Art Appreciation

This course introduces the many forms of art and help form an aesthetic framework through which art of various ages and cultures can be judged and critiqued. The place and significance of art in our society is explored. 

Introduction to Art

This course introduces students to a variety of tools, materials, skills and techniques through the elements and pricniapls of design.  Students learn to critque their own work and the work of others. 


This course is responsible for creating, designing, marketing, producing, and selling the school yearbook.  Techniques in modular layout design, interviewing, writing copy and headlines, editing, advertising sales and design marketing, and business procedures are stressed.  All students will be expected to complete assignments on the computer.  Meeting regular deadlines and peer cooperation are emphasized in producing the yearbook. 

Media Arts/Yearbook-Mass Media-Communication

Course enables students to understand and critically evaluate the role of media in society.

AP Art History

Course designed to parallel college level Art History courses, AP Art History of Art courses provide the opportunity to critically examine architecture, sculpture, painting, and other art forms within their historical and cultural contexts.


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